Now a days there are a lot of people who pick up a camera and decide they want to be a photographer. This happened to me, except it happened when I was 9 years old at summer camp. I started playing around strictly in the dark room, because the little kids weren’t allowed to hold the cameras! That summer started my addiction to this wonderful art form. Photography makes me happy. I love to be able to capture people’s most treasured moments so they can relive them forever.

I do have a slight problem. I hate to miss a moment, and because of this I am what they call “Shutter Happy” aka I take A LOT of photos! From the first kiss at the alter to the sleeping Flower Girl at the party, I am obsessed with capturing everything.

I have studied Photography in Massachusetts, London, Michigan, Florida, and California. With this variety of education I try to bring styles from every area into my work. Traditional, Modern, Fun, New, photojournalist, whatever style you are looking for I have worked with and would love to apply to your event. My ultimate goal is, for you to not even know I was there...  to look at your photos after the party and not even remember I was in front of you!

My clients are my family and I do my best to make the day as easy and relaxing as possible. Please enjoy the photos, and I look forward to photographing your next moment in time!